The Positive Movement

‘Ā i n a S w i m first came to life with a vision to embrace positive body imagery and to specifically celebrate the natural form of a woman’s figure.
With the media, culture and television heavily influential to this subject, we sought to develop a label that focused on accentuating curve lines of all shapes and sizes through minimal cuts and designs. We wanted to focus on uncovering the beauty within natural shapes, rather than hide the ‘lumps and bumps’ that commonly lower self-esteem.
Developing a positive attitude towards ones body facilitates comfort and contentment within the inner self.
It is important to understand that no two bodies take the same structure and form. Focus on and appreciate what your body stands for. Admire the beauty of others and avoid comparison of ones self.
Women today are so greatly focused on the ‘ideal’ body that it’s often easy to reduce and lack acceptance of our own self. We aim to redefine swimwear and eliminate the hesitancy against the simple act of even trying on swim, because uniqueness is in everyone and everything.
True beauty comes from within.
Feel beautiful in ‘Ā i n a S w i m
Art by Lønfeldt